HaemSti Massage Safety Lancet 28G (100pcs)

HaemSti Massage Safety Lancet 28G (100pcs)

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Single Use Disposable

Virtually Pain Free Capillary Sampling 

  • Specially designed for highest quality and hygiene standards 

  • Unique Comfort Massage technology for maximum comfort

  • Ultra fine 3 angles laser cutting and patented assembly for maximum sampling precision and minimum contact area 


  • Suitable for capillary sampling 

  • 28G ultra fine chromium nickel needle 

  • 1.8mm sampling depth 

  • Pressure activated for ease of use 

  • Single use disposable, safe and contaminant-free 

  • Auto-retract safety mechanism right after use

  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation, ensuring absolute cleanliness 

Feature Highlights  


  • Unique Comfort Massage technology

  • Facilitating blood flow and improving comfort during sampling, virtually pain free 

  • Brand new patented Assembly

  • High precision, speed and accuracy at the point of piercing 

  • Completely sealed assembly for enhanced safety 

  • Providing high quality and hygiene standards

  • Ultra fine 3 angles laser-cut needle

  • Minimum contact area to maximum comfort


HaemSti Massage product Illustration 

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